Honda to start leasing Walk Assist device in November

Honda Walk Assist, which supports gait rehabilitation, will be released for customers on a leasing basis in November.

Honda Walk Assist is a therapeutic, wearable robotic device designed to help induce inverted natural pendulum-type walking. It can be used for walking training under the guidance of doctors or rehabilitation staff.

Green House - Casino-style USB

Green House is going to release 2 playful USB drive models in late July.

The models are a dice game version (UFDCSA8G-DC) and roulette version (UFDCSA8G-RL), and you can actually play with them - which is important. Because storing and moving data lacks

Panasonic - LUMIX DMC-GX8 with 20.3MP sensor and powerful image stabilizer

From Panasonic's LUMIX series, new mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera - LUMIX DMC-GX8 - will be out for sale on August 20.

The DMC-GX8 features a newly-developed 20M Live Mos Sensor (effective 20.3M) which has better performance in reducing noise during high-sensitivity photography, and the world's first 6-control image stabilization system called Dual I.S. (2-axis in the lens and 4-axis in the body).