Toyota - Sienta Hybrid Minivan Model

Toyota announced the addition of a hybrid model to their Sienta minivan series, and now it's available for purchase.

The hybrid Sienta achieves 27.2 km per liter of fuel efficiency. That's about 63.97 miles per gallon. Which is pretty awesome.

Pricing will begin at ¥1,689,709. That's about $13,760. Which ain't too bad.

Toyota will offer 8 exterior color options (white, silver, black, brown, yellow, green, red and blue).

Mouse Computer - Low-priced 11.6-inch Notebook PC

The 11.6-inch notebook PC "LuvBook C230" by Mouse Computer is now on sale.

Three new models are now available.

The cheapest model costs only ¥38,800 (About USD $320). All 3 of have an Intel Celeron N2940 CPU and run Windows 8.1 Update 64bit. Mouse Computer makes a pretty decent ride, so we're curious to know how well these'll fly. 

Grilled Salmon-flavored Candy

A Japanese candy company, UHA Mikakuto, has released Shiojyake (Salt-grilled salmon) flavored gummy candy. The product name is Puccho Shiojyake-aji.

It's a collaboration product between their Puccho candy and Kirimi-chan, a salmon fillet-shaped Sanrio character. Indeed, welcome to Japan.

King Jim - Pitrec - Digital Biz Card Holder

King Jim announced the released of a new model of its digital business card holder device called Pitrec.

With Pitrec, you are able to take a photo of business cards using the built-in camera that scans the info and automatically converts it to database-manageable fields. With this one little device, you can digitally manage about 5,000 to 6,000 business cards.