Sony - Backup SD Card - Automatically back-up data through SD card in your PC

Sony Backup SD Card

Sony is going to release "Backup SD Card" on August 20. It back-ups data in the specified file automatically by keeping it inserted in your PC.

Many of you probably think that it's a bother to back-up data often although it's necessary to do it just in case. But, with "Backup SD Card", you can just leave the SD card inserted in your PC, and every time you update the specified file, the SD card back-ups all the data in the file. Also, you don't need carry a HDD around if you have "Backup SD Card".

SN-BA16(16GB)- About ¥3,800
SN-BA32(32GB)- About ¥6,500
SN-BA64(64GB)- About ¥14,000