GearZap.com – Great online accessories shop – we reviewed a couple of their offerings

GearZap.com  Great online accessories shop









We would like to introduce an online gadget store, GearZap.com, from the UK that sells various kinds of smartphone and computer accessories. They were nice enough to send us 2 products as samples: a 13 inch MacBook retina sleeve and an iPhone hard case. We put to these to use and would like to share our thoughts.

GearZap.com can deliver outside of the UK (delivery within European countries is from £2.99; outside the European Union is from £3.50).

Feedback on GearZap.com that we got from friends of ours was that they are professional, prompt and very easy to work with. Our own experience was the same. And with the variety of accessories that they offer for sale, we would recommended taking a look at GearZap.com if you need some accessories.

13 Inch MacBook case

Model: LA robe MacBook Air

Color: black/wasabi

Material: low resilience urethane

Review: The body is only 5mm thin and fits my 13 inch MacBook Retina very well. It feels very light and fits compact bags or bag compartments very well. I have a side compartment inside of my bag that this sleeve fits into well.

The sleeve gives a bit of a memory foam cushion feel – not too much to be bulky but just enough to give me some confidence that its protecting the goods.

Overall, I love it and won’t be changing back.

iPhone 5 case

Model: Sparkles Diamante Hard Case for iPhone 5

Color: purple

Review: Yoriko tried it on her iPhone 5 and really liked it. It is a sparkling case, which in Japan, has a good chance of being a hit. Among Japanese girls, it’s popular to “Decoru” which means decorating your belongings, such as your mobile phone with a lot of small bits and bangles made from crystal, glass and other shiny, glittery material. So the look and feel is good for female users. The one negative was that once you put the case on your smart phone, it was hard to take it off. For most people, this is not a problem, but if you use your phone in an armband or something similar during exercise, this would be a drawback.

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