Thanko - Handy salt meter able to measure the salt level in a blink

Thanko - Handy salt meter to measure the salt level in a blink


There are many kinds of delicious dishes in Japan including ramen and curry &rice, however, they contain much salt and too much salt raises blood pressure and increases the risk of adult diseases.

If you want to be more careful about your salt intake, we recommend that you try Thanko's handy salt meter. It is capable of measuring the salt level at 0.01 seconds after its tip touches the dish's soup/sauce/juice.

Unfortunately, this handy salt meter isn't compatible with cold dish or solid food.

Price: ¥1,980
Size: 25 x 212 x 15mm
Weight: 30g
Power source: LR44 (1.5V) button cell battery x 4
Measurement temperature: liquid temperature 60℃~80℃


Via: Thanko