Panasonic - Smartphone-sized portable full body massager

Panasonic Pocket Refre Massager


Panasonic is releasing the smartphone-sized portable full body massager (low frequency electric therapy equipment) called “Pocket Refre (EW-NA23)” on September 1.

Because it’s an only 12cm long compact device and also you can put the code and pads in the main body, it’s very easy to carry around. It’s definitely something you want to keep in your bag all the time, and anytime you feel tired, you will be able to get a massage during break time or even working at the desk.

Price: open price
Color: pink, pink gold, black
Power source: coin-type lithium cell (CR2032) x 1
Size: 2.2 x 12 x 6.4cm
Weight: 83g

Via: Panasonic