Panasonic - Massager that relaxes your muscles and warms them gently

Panasonic Ouchi Refre Massager


Panasonic is going to release a new massager "Ouchi Refre" (EW-NA63) on September 1. "Refre" is a shortened version of "Refresh" and "Ouchi" means "At home" in Japanese, not "Ouch!" ;)

It's low frequency electrotherapy equipment that relaxes your muscles by warming them gently with the special pads.

The pads can be warmed up to 41℃. Stimulating and warming your muscles at the same time improves circulation of the blood, so "Ouchi Refre" might have a more potent effect on soothing fatigue than many other massage products.

Price: open price
Color: pink, pink gold, white
Power source: AC power
Size: 5 x 12 x 12cm
Weight: 270g


Via: Panasonic