Nestlé - KitKat - 2013 summer seasonal special flavors

Nestlé KitKat


Nestlé in Japan releases unique flavored KitKats seasonally, a tradition that they have been doing for a long time. You can probably find Maccha Kitkat (green tea flavor) outside of Japan. But the variety of the flavors you see here in Japan is a whole different world.

A few months ago, we talked about the fact that Nestlé in Japan makes regional and seasonal KitKats and we heard that news was pretty interesting for those who don't live in Japan. Today we introduce the 2013 summer flavors - all sold for a limited time only:

- Nestlé KitKat Mini Passion Fruit

- Nestlé KitKat Mini World Assort: an assortment of 2 popular flavors from the past: Orange and Hazelnut

- Also, Nestlé has released 3 products that taste better after putting them in the freezer:

1) Nestlé KitKat Mini Cookies & Cream
2) Nestlé Aero Mini Chocolate Mint
3) Nestlé Crunch Mini Caramel & Vanilla

If you have a chance to visit Japan, get some unique flavored Kitkats. They could be a great and inexpensive Japan "omiyage" (souvenir).


Via: Nestlé