Adopting Fujifilm AI Policy

Fujifilm (Tokyo) — Fujifilm Holdings Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) has adopted the “Fujifilm Group AI Policy” as guidelines for utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) effectively and appropriately across all areas of its corporate activities including research and development, production, sales, and marketing.

The Fujifilm Group’s corporate philosophy is to contribute to the advancement of culture, science, technology, and industry, as well as improved health and environmental protection in society, thereby helping enhance the quality of life of people worldwide. Based on this philosophy, Fujifilm has developed and accumulated technologies for identifying valuable information out of a massive amount of image data in the fields of medical diagnostic imaging and photo imaging. Using the data-interpreting knowledge and technologies as its strengths, Fujifilm is working on developing and implementing AI technology that addresses the needs and challenges in the areas of healthcare and highly functional materials to resolve social issues.

For example, in the area of healthcare, Fujifilm speedily develops and offers various solutions which support diagnostic workflows at the medical frontline by utilizing AI technology. Fujifilm utilizes AI technology to develop a function that assist diagnostic imaging and a function that automatically generate the candidates of findings to be included to an interpretation report based on the diagnostic image by combining image processing technology and natural language processing technology. In the area of highly functional materials, Fujifilm offers infrastructure photo analysis cloud service “Hibimikke” based on AI-based image analysis, to substantially streamline crack inspection work in response to emerging social issues of aging infrastructures such as bridges and tunnels and the need to verify their safety.

Amidst rapid uptake of AI technology in society, there have been active global debates on the risks of using AI technology, such as the widening of inequality and disparity, from social, ethical, and legal perspectives.

The Fujifilm Group AI Policy stipulates guidelines so that each of its employees can utilize AI effectively and appropriately in terms of fair use, respect for human rights, management of information security, and assurance of transparency. Fujifilm will take on the tasks of creating new value and resolving social issues by providing its customers with safe and secure products and services, developed in line with this policy. In order to ensure adequate administration and application of this policy, Fujifilm plans to enhance literacy education on employees involved in AI development and use to reinforce the development of human resources capable of utilizing AI property at an advanced level.

Fujifilm Holdings will continue to identify social movements and changes in people’s sense of values, associated with the advancement of AI technology, as it strives to maximize enriched values brought about by AI use to contribute to building a better society.

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