A Drone for Tight Spaces

Akihabara News (Tokyo) — Sensyn Robotics has unveiled its “Sensyn Explorer,” a small drone about the size of the palm of one’s hand, which is designed to operate within tight indoor spaces.

The Shibuya-based firm aims to become a leader in utilizing drones for equipment inspection, security monitoring, and disaster countermeasures.

The Sensyn Explorer is built for use in narrow spaces such as chimneys, tanks, and large ducts or pipes that are difficult for people to enter. The drone can act as an eye to penetrate these confined areas, capturing images and taking video footage.

These drones can fly for about 12 minutes before needing to be recharged.

Initial tests in oil plants and steelworks, with high ceilings and narrow environs have confirmed the tiny drones’ utility.

Sensyn Robotics operates the Sensyn Explorer as part of full services to Japanese companies, including the planning, execution, and reporting on inspection tasks.

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