Tokyo Auto Salon 2017: Stance & Stilettos by iPhone 7 (VIDEO)

Tokyo Auto Salon 2017: Stance & Stilettos by iPhone 7 (VIDEO)

Another year begins, and another 324,400 souls descend on Makuhari Messe in Chiba for the 2017 Tokyo Auto Salon  

As in years past, the biggest tuning houses and parts manufacturers and mechanic shops had their best demo vehicles on the floor, sporting their latest products. There were also the ever-present and ever beautiful...companions, all of which provided a breathtaking buffet for petrolheads and ornithologists clamoring for their eyeful.

As always, I went through - both to get ideas for my third Nissan Silvia S14 in a row, and to capture an eyefull to share with the world. Unlike years past, however, I was without my camera which was at Sony in Akihabara for repairs. So, I bit the bullet and decided to see if the claims that Apple makes, tech sites repeat, and consumers take at face value, are true.

Years and Years of Tokyo Auto Salon Coverage  

The Question for 2017:  

Is the camera in the new iPhone 7 Plus really as good as a real camera? Simple answer: NO...but, it isn’t half bad either, and TAS 2017 was a good place to push it. Enough chatter - take a look for yourselves!  

Editor’s Note:
Mr. Moodley shot in 4K UHD on the Apple iPhone 7 Plus, using the Mavis pro video app. He’ll complain and moan all day long about how the quality isn’t all that - and in a broader video context, in ain’t - but let’s not lose track of the fact that the exceedingly lovely video below was shot with a GODDAMN MOBILE PHONE! Holy crap.  

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Nayalan Moodley - March 17, 2014

Promising Return to Form for a Former Industry Heavyweight