Airbnb’s Japan Problem (PODCAST)

Airbnb’s Japan Problem (PODCAST)

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Launched a little over 2 years ago, Tim Romero's Disrupting Japan has quickly become Japan’s preeminent startup-focused podcast. We’ve been fans from the jump, and we can’t recommend it highly enough.

Watch the Disrupting Japan Second-Year Anniversary Show (FULL-LENGTH VIDEO)

The latest episode, a breakdown of what some view as a giant Japanese hammer soon to crush AIRBNB in its second-largest market, is another instant classic - we’ll let it speak for itself:

Episode 63: What Your Startup Can Learn From Airbnb’s Japan Problem

“From the outside, it looks like Airbnb is crushing it in Japan. Listings and rentals are both increasing at an unbelievable rate, and Japan is loosening her room-sharing (or minpaku) laws. The future looks bright for Airbnb here, but behind the scenes a resistance is secretly growing.

You see, Airbnb has a real problem in Japan. At first glance many of the issues look familiar. They seem to be the same kinds of challenges Airbnb is facing all over the world, but things are different in Japan, and today we’re going to take a look at how important these differences can be.

It’s worth noting that so far, Airbnb has not taken steps to address their Japan problem, or even publicly acknowledged that it exists. But it’s a situation they will be forced to deal with over the next 18 months, and it’s something that we can learn a lot from.”

The latest episode is live on iTunes and is also streamable/downloadable from the Disrupting Japan site.

Disrupting Japan Second Anniversary Live Podcast

Disrupting Japan celebrated its two-year anniversary with a live podcast at SuperDeluxe in Roppongi. Show host, founder, and serial entrepreneur Tim Romero sat down over drinks with three of the most influential members of Tokyo’s venture capital community: Shinji Asada, Head of Salesforce Ventures Japan; James Riney Head of 500 Startups Japan; and Hiro Maeda, Partner at BEENEXT. The panel addressed about coming changes that will impact Japan's startups and offered frank advice for companies trying to raise money in Japan.



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