EVENT IN TOKYO: Disrupting Japan 2nd Anniversary Live Podcast

EVENT IN TOKYO: Disrupting Japan 2nd Anniversary Live Podcast

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In late-summer of 2014, with a disarmingly sincere voice seemingly born for the medium and production values uncommon for such a relatively young show, Tim Romero launched what is now Tokyo's preeminent English-language J-startup podcast (more on Tim). Twenty-four months later, Disrupting Japan boasts an unmatched archive of guests and insight spanning the entire spectrum of Tokyo’s startup scene; there truly is no better audio resource - we've been fans from the jump, and we can’t recommend it highly enough.

Tuesday, September 13 - Second Anniversary Live Podcast in Roppongi!

Celebrating two solid years online, Disrupting Japan will once again take the stage at SuperDeluxe in Roppongi. The event wil be:

"...a special show where Tim sits down over drinks with three of the most influential members of Tokyo’s venture capital community to talk about coming changes that will impact Japan's startups and offer frank advice for companies trying to raise money in Japan. You’ll also get a chance to ask your own hard-hitting questions to the panel - either during the open Q&A session or more casually over a beer later."

Joining Tim will be Shinji Asada, Japan Head, Salesforce Ventures, Hiro Maeda, Partner at BEENEXT, and James Riney, Head of 500 Startups Japan. The event is open to the public, conducted in English, includes a Q & A session, and promises to be one of the best networking opportunities of the year. Anyone interested in Japanese startup/VC culture or just business in general will have a great time - and if there’s any gathering this year that’ll bring out Tokyo’s startup superstars, this is it! 

Register for Tuesday's Event:

And in the meantime, visit DisruptingJapan.com to listen and subscribe; it’s ground-level access to a movement many consider a cornerstone, if not the foundation of Japan's future economy.

See you there!

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