JOBS IN JAPAN: One of Japan's Oldest Job Sites Gets New Life

JOBS IN JAPAN: One of Japan's Oldest Sites Gets New Life

OG Japan Jobs Site Back in the Game

Early last month, one of the oldest job listing services for foreigners in Japan got a facelift and a jumpstart into the 21st century, which is literally accurate since Jobsinjapan.com actually has been online since the 20th!

Seriously, they put a 500+ page job hunting guide online in 1998 when there was like...barely an internet. Anyway, it had been a good long while since the site saw any updates, until just a handful of weeks ago, and it looks pretty good.

Now, a few experiments aside, AkihabaraNews traditionally hasn’t posted or covered J-jobs all that much, due in large part to the fact that most sites offering work in Japan had little to do with our focus on tech and culture. But things have kinda changed, and there actually are a decent number of tech jobs opening up to foreigners, tourism stuff is growing, startups are more open to foreign hires, and Japanese companies seem to be getting hip to modern, global marketing needs. Seemed like a good time to let readers know about it.

Come Play with Us in Japan?

Most of you probably know that we actually live here and broadcast right from the heart of Tokyo; we’re deep in this. For us and anyone making this country their home, obviously there are some bumps and challenges - but we gotta be honest: in most ways living in Japan is pretty badass, and we sincerely encourage anyone with a genuine interest to give it a try...but unless you’re a student, you gotta get a job, yo!

We found the new Jobsinjapan.com to be a pleasantly simple site, light on fluff and super-focused on jobs and job seekers. On both desktop and mobile, all appears to work as advertised, and naturally, registration is free. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google account loginability is conveniently built-in, you can post a resume searchable by employers, and there’s also an interactive map thingy that pinpoints the location of your saved jobs, which is pretty cool.

This is Not an Ad, But it Should be!

...because we TOTALLY would take their money! For now, it’s just a PSA, and we hope it helps. Whether you want to brave the world’s largest city (you don’t have to be brave, by the way, Tokyo’s easy!) or if you prefer something out in the countryside (the Japanese think any city under 5 million is rural), getting work is step #1. In our estimation, JobsinJapan.com, a new/old/classic come back to life, is a great place to start.

Oh Yeah, Pizza!

So, it seems they're also tight with Pizza Hut, because if you’re already here in Japan, simply registering as a job seeker will get you a ¥1,000 credit coupon, which is about $10 bucks worth of pie. Believe us, that matters - the exorbitant cost of pizza delivery in Japan is one of those difficult challenges we mentioned earlier...