The Real Reason Uber is Failing in Japan (PODCAST)

The Real Reason Uber is Failing in Japan (PODCAST)

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When we first heard the idea, of course it sounded great - something truly needed that no one was really doing. A little over 2 years later, Tim Romero's Disrupting Japan has become the nation's preeminent startup-focused podcast. We’ve been fans from the jump, and we can’t recommend it highly enough.

The latest episode is an instant classic, addressing a popular business quandary here in Japan, one that revolves around two of the most intriguing and controversial startups on the planet. The issues are laid out and addressed with an insight that only comes from 20-plus years doing business here in Japan - you’ll enjoy it.

So, if you're interested in Japanese startup/VC culture or just business in general, this is your ground-level access to a movement many consider the cornerstone, if not the foundation of Japan's future economy.

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exactly one month from today, Disrupting Japan will be celebrating its second anniversary with a live podcast in Roppongi (we’ll announce more in a few weeks). To get into what will probably be a sellout event, jump over to the Facebook page or Doorkeeper and get thee registered!

Episode 51: The Real Reason Uber is Failing in Japan

“Uber and, to a lesser extent, Airbnb are failing horribly in Japan. There have been quite a few articles that have tried to explain what this is, and most of those articles have focused on why the market conditions in Japan make it hard for those companies.

These is certainly some truth to those articles, but they miss a larger and much more important factor about why these companies are struggling in Japan and in Asia in general. You see, Uber and Airbnb represent a new very kind of startup, one that could not have existed twenty years ago, and the reason has nothing to do with smartphones or cloud computing or anything related to technology at all.

In fact, the very thing that make these companies powerful and transformative in the United States is what ensures they will never really succeed in Japan.”

The latest episode is live on iTunes and is also streamable or downloadable from the Disrupting Japan site.

About the Host of Disrupting Japan: 
Tim Romero is a Tokyo-based innovator, author, and entrepreneur who has started several companies since coming to Japan in 1994. He is deeply involved in Japan's startup community as a writer, investor and mentor. (Jump through to his much more effective summary of Disruping Japan here)

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