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Our friends at Tokyo-based multimedia production firm DIGITALHUB.JP have begun distributing this superfun train station/platform jingle series and we wanted to share it with you so we got full permission to share it with you and now here we are sharing it with you!

Yamanote: Vast, Convenient, Clean, and Safe!

The Yamanote (yaw-ma-no-tay) Line train service, operated by the East Japan Railway Company, is a 34.5 km (21.4 mile) looping route that conveniently reaches nearly every cultural, financial, and logistical hub in Tokyo. Given that it circles the heart of the largest city in human history, it’s no surprise that this single line transports more than 3.7 million passengers a day. What will surprise new visitors (and is taken totally for granted by residents) is that it’s consistently on-time, clean, safe, and reliable - basically everything one could hope for from a transportation system run by we impressively intelligent yet highly fallible primates.

...and Entertaining?

The obvious plusses are...obvious, but there is something about the Yamanote line and its 39 stations that you could miss: the platform tunes vary from station to station, and JR has commissioned somewhere around 100 unique departure melodies or tunes or jingles (choose your preferred nominal) for use all over the Tokyo Metro area. You might not think you hear them, but your brain does!

If you plan to visit Tokyo or even if you’ve lived here for years, take a watch and careful listen to DIGITALHUB.JP’s collection of ultra-short TOKYO TRAIN TUNES, each of which points out interesting or important features of the corresponding neighborhoods. So, it's nostalgia and/or anticipation: watching the TOKYO TRAIN TUNES series is virtually guaranteed to give you one or the other...maybe both!


From the Creators:
Soundtracked by each station's Yamanote platform melody, TOKYO TRAIN TUNES (YouTubeFacebook Video) are fun, universally shareable shorts that highlight standout features and landmarks unique to each neighborhood. Our first 3 stations are embedded below.

These are super fun to make, and we offer them either as accompaniment to a larger video project or a standalone works or series. We hope you like these ultra-shorts - let us know if you want some of your own!

YouTube Series:

Facebook Video Series:


Tokyo-based DigitalHub.JP produces and promotes made-to-order multimedia products of the highest quality. With a team of veteran producers, DHJP leverages longstanding tech industry contacts and co-publishing relationships with Japan-focused news sources, offering both content production services and a multilayered distribution point.



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