Akihabara at Night: Serenely Cyberpunked (VIDEO)

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The following is reshared from our friends at DigitalHub.JP, a Tokyo-based multimedia production & distribution...uhhh, hub. This Akihabara video is part of a larger series called “CAPTURING JAPAN.” To see the rest, either check them out on YouTube or at Facebook Video.

What is Akihabara?

Over the past 10-20 years, a rather profound change has occurred both in reputation and on-the-ground reality of our namesake, the iconic Tokyo neighborhood known as Akihabara. In many ways, it’s is exactly what you might expect, but that varies considerably depending on one’s generational point of view.

AkihabaraNews.com, for example, was pumping out tech news long before the AKB48ification of the neighborhood (we started publishing over 14 years ago, which is like...83 in internet years). As such, many of our older readers feel that Akihabara = Special, Cool, Rare Japanese Tech, which is fair and reasonable and truly the soul of our site. However, Akiba’s changed A LOT since this URL came online, and these days it’s also fair and reasonable to believe that Akihabara = Cosplay, Maid Cafes, Fetishization of Barely Post-Pubescent Girls, and Generalized Otaku-nessWhatever your preference, the reality is that Akihabara is just a standard Tokyo neighborhood with a few special leans; if there aren’t any shows or promotional events taking place, when night falls people commute and/or hang out just as they do in any other neighborhood or ward. Akihabara is cool, to be sure, but it ain't Blade Runner. 

Editor’s Note Again:
If you really want to get at the heart of what Akihabara truly is and has been, get thee to Japan This! for the “What does Akihabara Mean?” entry. Great writing and great reading.

VIDEO: Akihabara at Night...the Calmer, Real-Life Version

From DigitalHub.JP:
Our "CAPTURING JAPAN" collection demonstrates how minimalist vignettes deliver maximum impact. These products are typically 15-60-second videos, highly shareable and ideal for social media publishing. 
Shorter videos like this are offered both as accompaniment to a larger video project or as standalone series of shorts that clients can gradually distribute through their social media channels. “CAPTURING JAPAN: Akihabara; Serenely Cyberpunked” is a sample, a slice of real life in one of Tokyo’s most famous neighborhoods. Enjoy!

About DigitalHub.JP:

Tokyo-based DigitalHub.JP produces and promotes made-to-order multimedia products of the highest quality. With a team of veteran producers, DHJP leverages longstanding tech industry contacts and co-publishing relationships with Japan-focused news sources, offering both content production services and a multilayered distribution point.



Akihabara in 4K

Hatsune Miku Minivan Found in Akihabara:

Untitled Two-Man Tokyo Tech Show in Akihabara:


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Editor - March 31, 2014

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