Samurai Vaporized by UFO (VIDEO)

That’s no duck...

Global noodle behemoth Nissin, a company very well known for it’s playful, often bizarre TV ad campaigns, has once again unleashed a winner: two hungry samurai come across some ducks; one of the ducks ain’t exactly a duck; goofy hijinks ensue.

Objectively Weird Japanese TV Commercials

Now, when it comes to explaining or shedding some light on why such marketing works in Japan or whether or not it’s indicative of a larger cultural feature set, well...not much we can say that we haven’t said before:

(Quoting our own selves)
“Oh Yeah, Japanese People Agree! See, what’s probably lost on most viewers around the world is that commercials like these aren’t evidence of a widespread, built-in cultural bizarreness. Nope, they’re much more about an emergent cottage industry of advertisers and ad agencies trying to out-weird each other. These TV spots aren't just weird to the outside world, they’re weird here, too!"

What we can offer in the form of insight or learned observation in this case:

Dead as the duck soup soba being pushed in the commercial, the elder samurai’s jovial visage appears briefly at the end of the bit, and it makes an interesting connection. See, Star Wars drew heavily from the work of iconic Japanese director Akira Kurosawa (both thematically and visually, e.g., Darth Vader wears samurai drag), and since this TV spot totally apes Kurosawa, we are going to go ahead and assume that there's some turnabout here: the commercial might be appropriating some Star Wars, because the fallen samurai is now a Noodle Steam Force Ghost.

Oh, and here's some proof that Vader is an evil psychic space samurai: