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The following is reshared from our friends at Tokyo-based DigitalHub.JP, an up and coming multimedia production & distribution...uhhh, hub. Their video below was shot with the iPhone 6s Plus.

The Best Video Camera is the One that Shoots 1080p at 60FPS with Built-In Optical/Digital Image Stabilization (when it’s all you have with you)

It’s just a little bit hard to believe that the video below was shot with an iPhone 6s Plus, and according to its creators, rather casually at that. No tripods, no stabilizers, just one person pointing a smartphone at awesome robots.

Of course, it’s far from the only mobile telecommunicator capable of awesome things, but even if Apple products are totally not your thing, it’s hard not to appreciate something like this - especially if you’ve been shooting mobile videos since the mid-2000’s when counting pixels was possible from across the room!

VIDEO: iREX by iPHONE - Robotics EXPO in Tokyo

In December of 2015, hundreds of the world’s most advanced robots crowded the massive Tokyo Big Sight Convention Center for the biennial iREX International Robot Exhibition. A DigitalHub.JP admin was there, he loves robots, so he decided to grab a few shots with his iPhone 6s Plus.

Smartphone tech is roundly amazing, and while they’re not ideal shooters, in a pinch one can get relatively respectable results. For the case in point, DigitalHub.JP added some fun stats, tweaked the frame rates here and there, and dropped in some modern beats. Enjoy!

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