The Hikaru Skirt Revisited: A Fashion Statement that Demands Yet Defies Explanation (GALLERY)

The Hikaru Skirt Revisited: A Fashion Statement that Demands Yet Defies Explanation (GALLERY)

Maybe ummm...just in case you drop your keys?

One of the great things about living in Japan is knowing that there are a neverending string of things that you’ll never fully understand. The Hikaru Skirt (“hikaru” just means “shining”) is a pretty good example thereof. 

To be fair, we should point out that quite often the Japanese themselves don’t fully understand everything about what goes on here, either. The Hikaru Skirt happens to be a pretty good example of that, too.

Of course, just because we don’t understand something doesn’t mean we stop paying attention or lose interest! As goofy as these might be, they do catch (and keep) the eye.

Illuminate the “Absolute Zone”

Okay yeah, uhhh we don’t need to explain that, but Tokyo Otaku Mode gets into it a bit, so you can jump over if you believe it implies anything beyond the larger visual statement made by the inline gallery below, which is “Hey, look at the sunshine filtering through the foliage of my Absolute Zone!

Additionally, and thankfully, the home of Zettai Ryoiki (“Absolute Zone”) has provided some illuminating Japanese prose. Heh. Hehehheh.

By light, from the inside of the skirt, 

In light the absolute area, 

Emphasizes the mysterious space, 

Whatever is leap to Sunlight area.

Why thank you, Google Translate, for very effectively delivering those sentiments. That’s way better than our in-house translation, which we’ve carefully distilled down to: “Hey, look in the general direction of my junk!

Inline Gallery:

The Hikaru Skirt in Action:

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