Driving Gunma for #MyJapanStory (VIDEO)

Driving Gunma for #MyJapanStory (VIDEO)

Editor’s Note:
The following video, assembled entirely by AkihabaraNews Senior Contributor Nayalan Moodley, was in made in partnership with the Japan National Tourism Organization as a part of the #MyJapanStory contest. The original video description below has been edited for structure and content.

Driving Gunma Prefecture

Everyone sees Japan as a destination in which to visit more destinations. But, I don't really do "destination" tourism...

From 2008 to 2013, I lived in Gunma Prefecture, drove a Nissan Silvia S14, and found that the best parts of the prefecture - and, in fact, the country - are more often than not the places that are a bit of a drive past the typical destinations, and the best experiences you can have are the ones that you share with the amazing people you meet on the long, winding road.

To cap off 2015, I rented a Toyota 86, called on some old friends, made some new ones, and went for a drive through nostalgia.

Timecode Details:

0:02 Rings Autoshop - Owned by Yoshitatsu Kaneda (0:08), Pro drifter and head of Team YRC (Also my closest friend in Japan)

0:35 Mt. Akagi (Shrine and Lake)

1:06 Shibukawa City - (My hometown) Many of my earlier vids were shot here, check them out to see more.

1:15 Rokumonsen -essence- My favourite ramen. The Master's mom is essentially my Japanese mother.

1:43 Mt. Haruna

1:49 Mt.Haruna - Melody Road. drive at a steady speed and lines in the road play notes as your tires roll over them. Gunma has a bunch of these melody roads on mountain passes throughout the prefecture.

2:11 Hidden Lookout on Mt. Haruna - no locations to this, I take you there or you find it on your own ;)

2:22 Allen Bo, taking strain. - He needs to jack up his constitution if he's to continue making his doccie about the nightlife in Gunma. More here.

2:47 Kusatsu Onsen - It's rated the best hot spring in Japan, and I do quite like it, but the water is too hot and it's always full of tourists. It's a good place to stop and take a break though.

3:36 Tonya - My favorite Tonkatsu place. Prices are average but value is phenomenal. Tastes bloody good too.

3:38 Shiriyaki Onsen - A few kilometers away from Kusatsu, in the middle of nowhere (Kunimura), is a heated river. Yes. The river itself is a natural hot spring. No entrance fees, No time limits, no restrictions and on clear winter nights, and an infinite ceiling of stars.

3:49 Convenience Store Munchies - AKA, a driver’s lifeblood.

4:07 Takayama

4:11 The Nihon Romantic Highway - 350 twisting kilometres of mountain roads from Tochigi, through Gunma and into Nagano. An epic drive, with almost no public transport access.

4:20 Shout out to MannyMarx - He’s the man who made the music for this vid (and many of my other ones too), and is now producing Frank Corva's (4:26) new solo album.

4:39 My old place... - Now a parking-lot.

5:03 I'll be back soon.

Extra special thanks to Tatsuya Okamura (Member of Team YRC) and to Yuki (famous instagrammer who lives the underground car-night-meet scene - both good friends from my first few weeks in Japan. While we couldn't drive together this time, I had to show their faces in the intro cos I love them dearly. We'll drive together again, I'm sure.

Thanks to All About Japan, they were my most consistent video client of 2015, if it wasn't for the work I do with them, This video would not have been possible. They also have a new english website which you Japanophiles should check out.

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