360-Degree Spherical Tokyo Time-Lapse (VIDEO)

360-Degree Spherical Tokyo Time-Lapse (VIDEO)

Something Very New from Tokyo Video Ninja darwinfish105

Our varied and lovely video selections include a healthy dose of mysterious Tokyo photographer darwinfish105's work: there's the Tokyo Pastel Diorama Series (#1 and #2 - both awesome), his Panasonic GH4 time lapse, the brain-squeezing Inception/Blade Runner lovechild known as Mirrored TokyoYokohama Romancetime-lapsed dolly shots, even the Tokyo Monorail's pillars - not the train - have been the perspective props they deserve. Put this guy on your YouTube playlist.

New from darwinfish105:
"the world is round"

Yeah, it is, and this video doesn't really promote that fact per se, but it does sort of bend our optic nerves in a way that really, really drives the point home. Honestly, we haven't seen a lot of great Tokyo-based 360-degree time-lapse work, but it's no surprise that some of the first comes from darwinfish105. The compositions - if they can be so-called - include both night and day, and you might find yourself craning your neck as your eyes struggle to take in the whole scene. It's fun!

So, how did he get it done? Pretty simply:

  • Camera: RICOH Theta S
  • Image Stitching Software: PTGui

As we're so often want to say, darwinfish105's videos should be projected onto the walls of super-cool nightclubs and enjoyed along with a smart cocktail. You'll see why: 

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