The Rides of Tokyo Auto Salon 2016 (GALLERY)

The Rides of Tokyo Auto Salon 2016 (GALLERY)

Editor's Note:
This is Part 1 of our 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon galleries & coverage. The Girls of Tokyo Auto Salon 2016 are here!

On the Rides of TAS 2016:

Despite being the biggest Tokyo Auto Salon ever (325,501 peeps over 3 days), 2016 didn’t hit with the fury 2015 did. The effects of Abenomics were evident, with many exhibitors recycling stands, girls’ outfits, and even cars from last year to save some ¥.

Trends also tended toward the same-old safe “overfenders and slammed stance” that has been around for a few years now. Rather than delving too far into any new design territory, most custom cars are simply going as wide and/or as low as possible.

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The performance side showed promise, with turbo kits to make the new Mazda MX-5 and older Toyota 86 fast enough to actually be fun, as well as a trend - banking on excellent Japanese workmanship and quality control - toward higher priced, extremely finely crafted components. 

All said, there were still some amazing, lustworthy rides to be seen, and they have re-inspired me to GTFO the mass-transit monotony that is Tokyo as soon as possible because a life without a sweet ride is not a life worth living.

Editor’s Second Note:
Disagree! Mass transit in Tokyo is awesome - here, look at these fantastic trains.

Let's See the Cars:

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