Japanese Girls Underwater in Knee-High Mecha-Socks (MOSTLY SFW GALLERY) [TOP 15 of 2015]

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You Know, Like One Does

Taking underwater photos of girls in bikinis wearing knee-high mecha-socks might be one of the better jobs ever to have been conceived in the history of work. And if one could also get those photos published in a book and sell it for money, the gig would definitely crack the top 10. Well, someone nailed it.

Our friends at Tokyo Otaku Mode recently covered the awesome (and Japan-weird in the best way) new photobook Suicho Niso Plus, a coffee table read, of a sort. It’s not full of scandalous nudity or anything, but a private coffee table is probably preferable. It’s also not a large-format book like many Western-style coffee table books, and as such it comes in at the super-reasonable price of ¥1,800 (~$15.00). In our opinion, however, 96 pages of what you see below is a whole lot better than Grandpa's How the West was Won.

And that is entirely and exactly because, we’ll say it again: Japanese Girls Underwater in Knee-High Mecha-Socks.

TOM's Description:

Suichu Niso Plus, a continuation of the photobook Suichu Niso that features girls underwater wearing knee-high socks, will be released on Monday, Oct. 20.

Suichu Niso Plus ups the “underwater girls + knee-high socks” content over the last book. New additions include mecha (knee-high socks for use underwater), rabbit ears, octopus tentacles and other standards as well as umbrellas underwater, raincoats, swim rings, water guns and other items out of left field. The new mecha (knee-high socks for use underwater) were designed and produced by Naoki, mecha designer on Gundam Build Fighters Try which will begin broadcasting in October, to resemble blue-ringed octopus, and they were created as a collaboration with figure maker Kaiyodo, which recently turned 50.

Models include former Ebisu Muscats member Manami Yamaguchi, Shimarisu-chan, and other girls with excellent maneuverability underwater. By all means, enjoy this frontier of humanity, which creates possibilities out of the impossible: the world of underwater girls. 

If you're interested in grabbing a copy, hit the source link to Tokyo Otaku Mode. 

Inline Gallery:

Girls, Girls, Girls at AkihabaraNews - Nothing Scandalous, No Nudity, But as Above, Probably NSFW

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Japanese Girls Underwater in Knee-High Mecha-Socks (MOSTLY SFW GALLERY)
Taking underwater photos of girls in bikinis wearing knee-high mecha-socks might be one of the better jobs ever to have been conceived in the history of work. And if one could also get those photos published in a book and sell it for money, the gig would definitely crack the top 10. Well, someone nailed it.
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