Sharp Launching Robot Smartphone "RoBoHoN" [TOP 15 of 2015]

Sharp Launching Robot Smartphone "RoBoHoN" [TOP 15 of 2015]

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originally published on October 6, was AkihabaraNews' 8th most popular of 2015. Though wildly impractical, the RoBoHon (because no "ph" sound in Japanese) is stuffed with some interesting hard- and software...but we do hope that Sharp realizes it's just a research platform - these aren't going to sell[Check out the full Top 15 of 2015 list here.]

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Sharp announced that they have developed a next-generation mobile phone. It's a robot-style phone named "RoBoHoN."

Sharp created it as a joint project with renowned Japanese robot creator Tomotaka Takahashi. His know-how about robotics and Sharp's mobile phone technology resulted in a 19.5cm-tall bipedal robot smartphone that you can bring in your pocket or bag anywhere you go.

Tomotaka Takahashi's Kirobo in Space!

RoBoHoN has basic smartphone features including phone calling, messaging, camera, Wi-Fi, and a 2.0-inch LCD touch panel. It has a small projector functionality which allows you to project photos and movies on flat surfaces such as walls or a desk.

You can even control its functionality to speak to RoBoHoN. It talks, walks, gets up, dances, and recognizes human faces.

RoBoHoN is scheduled to be released for sale in early 2016.

  • Size: 19.5cm
  • Weight: 390g
  • CPU: MSM 8926 1.2GHz 4 core
  • Price: TBD

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