The Ladies of Tokyo Auto Salon (EXCITING GALLERY #1) [TOP 15 of 2015]

The Ladies of Tokyo Auto Salon (EXCITING GALLERY #1) [TOP 15 of 2015]

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originally published on January 29, was AkihabaraNews' 12th most popular of 2015. Humans beings behave in ways such that the really awesome Tokyo Auto Salon is at best only about 60% auto-related (which might be generous). The remainder, well that's what we see below...and, let's be honest, it is nice to see. [Check out the full Top 15 of 2015 list here.]

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This is Part 1 of a two-part gallery & coverage set. Part 2 is here

The Ladies of TAS 2015:

Of the record-breaking 309,649 people that attended the 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon from the 9th to the 11th of January, a rather substantial portion of them were rocking camera kit that costs more than I made last year. But they were not there to shoot the bold, anti-automotive establishment designs from KRC Modified, or the beautiful tread patterns on Toyo’s new semi slicks - they came for the other staple at car shows: Sexy Ladies.

Intellectually, I’m not too sure I agree with the practice of parading beautiful women around as objects of lust secondary only to the cars themselves, but sports cars are not about thinking with your brain and so...I don’t really know where i’m supposed to go with this.

Editor Reno Interjects: 
Brevity is entirely acceptable here. People didn’t click on this post to bask in the warmth of our journalistic integrity.

The Rides of Tokyo Auto Salon (BIG-ASS GALLERY #1)

So here are a few shots of the beautiful ladies of TAS 2015...or at least the ones I could battle the herd of heavy-breathing race-queen hunters to get shots of. If nothing else, they’re better than the ones that the dudes with expensive kit were taking ;)

Local Gallery

All Tokyo Auto Salon Coverage
Japanese Cars & Auto Tech

And if You Prefer Moving Images:


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