Japanese Laser Bacon and Other Food Hacks (VIDEO)

Japanese Laser Bacon and Other Food Hacks (VIDEO)

Because Japan?

The stereotype of the massive, monolithic Japanese company that struggles to innovate, where workers are mere cogs in a hulking machine of top-down, Confucian-style management, is in many cases rather well deserved. However, it belies the oft unexpressed, fiery creativity and ingenuity of the individual, which, when given a bit of latitude, can go way, way outside the box. MUNCHIES, a food-focused Vice Media spinoff, has created a lovely profile of two Japanese gentlemen doing just that.

Japanese TV Commercials (very creative, but the Japanese think they’re weird, too)

Scan and Burn My Bacon!

Kentaro Fukuchi, the mad bacon scientist and math sciences professor featured in the doc below, is the driving force behind the desire to do something with food that’s never been done: scan and map single slice of Japanese-style bacon, then, using a slightly hacked, high-powered precision laser cutter, burn only the bacon fat - leaving the meat uncooked. Ergo, Laser Bacon.

Hiroshi Takai, a Maker, film producer, and Professor Fukuchi’s partner in laser baconry, provides the setting: Garage Lab, a Maker space located in what appears to be an unassuming apartment in Nakano Ward (about 4 minutes from Shinjuku Station on the Chuo line).

We won’t spoil it for you, but the guys burn more than just bacon, and the doc also provides a cursory yet appreciated window into the Tokyo Maker scene. This is a good piece. Watch!

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