"There is no Gravy in East Asia" -Ancient Vulcan Proverb (AND HAPPY THANKSGIVING!)

"There is no Gravy in East Asia" -Ancient Japanese Proverb (HAPPY THANKSGIVING!)

"Gross - You Guys Really Eat that Animal?

...says the Japanese guy looking at a turkey - in between bites of some partially alive, often uncooked sea creature.

Turkey is not a popular food here on the archipelago, and it can even be difficult to describe the animal to a Japanese person, who might not even know the Japanese equivalent. Yes, you can special order turkeys or pick one up at J-COSTCO or whatever, but there's also the whole cooking problem: in the average Japanese home, ovens aren't really like, you know, a thing. So yeah, across all of Japan, there are maybe about 13 Thanksgiving dinners going on right now.

Of course Halloween and Christmas, successfully co-opted and thoroughly Japanified,* positively thrive over here. The why is simple: Halloween has become a week-long cosplay extravaganza, and Santa Claus and Friends are cute and readily marketable.

But turkeys - no...yeah, they are ugly as hell, and since nobody knows/cares about the whole Pilgrims and Native Americans mythology, well...it's just Thursday. Tomorrow is just Friday. That's that.

As the ancient Vulcan proverb goes, "There is no gravy in East Asia."

But, Anyway: Happy Thanksgiving from Tokyo!

• • •

*Japanification, N. [Japanify, V.] The unstoppable, BORG-like capability of the collective Japanese psyche to reach out into the universe, inhale whatever interesting cultural or technological nuggets are found, and own them so hard that even the Japanese are oblivious to the origins. The products of this process are often pelleted back into the global market, vastly improved over the original, and, inexplicably, 1.8% of humanity’s population thereby becomes a profoundly vital pillar of global pop culture and industy. This is the single most powerful macro-cultural superpower in the history of the human species.