iPhone 4K Video Test: Tokyo Monorail Arrives at Hamamatsucho (VIDEO)

iPhone 4K Video Test: Tokyo Monorail Arrives at Hamamatsucho (VIDEO)

Set and Setting: A Future from the Past

In truth, the 51-year-old Tokyo Monorail has totally looked like the future for all 51 of those years (seriously, go take a ride and imagine what people in 1964 thought of that thing). And, unlike the bulk of novelty monorail implemations around the world, lots and lots of people actually use this reasonably rapid line running from Haneda Airport to Hamamatsucho Station. Anyway, it's a great backdrop for any video or photo shoot - even on a rainy, overcast day - if, if you’ve gear that can handle that kind of light.

Holding Up the Tokyo Monorail (4K VIDEO)

Last week, our friends at the newly blossoming DigitalHub.JP, a Tokyo-based multimedia production & distribution...uhhh, hub, were out near the western side of Tokyo Bay - the monorailed, bullet-trained part of the city that looks like a super-clean Blade Runner set - and they decided to check on the iPhone 6s Plus' 4K capabilities.

Not All 4K is Created the Same

Sure, 4K is a relative term when the sensor is in a mobile phone - but as Editor Reno oft exclaims to complainy Senior Contributor NayalanCameraNerd: “Dude, can’t you just stop and appreciate the fact that it's in a mobile phone?!” The thing is, if you’ve been shooting mobile videos since the mid-2000’s when counting pixels was possible from across the room, it’s pretty much impossible to not be blown away by what this year’s phlabby iPhone can do.

So let’s have a look:

And here’s another test DigitalHub.JP ran with a near-static, low-light shot in Shibuya:


Whether you’re watching on a standard, Retina, HD, or 4K monitor, how does it look? What about those noisy, problem spots? Is it actually kinda beautiful?

The iPhone's output is certainly not going to stand up to what’s possible from the Panasonic GH4 (REVIEWED), the Sony AX100 (REVIEWED), or in particular the JVC LS-300 (REVIEWED), but still...coming from a handheld mobile telecommunicator, it does impress.

SCENE IN TOKYO: Tama Monorail High Above Tachikawa

SCENE IN TOKYO: The Monorail and Bullet Train Overhead

AkihabaraNews’ 4K Camera Reviews:


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Panasonic is going to release the LUMIX DMC-LX100, the world's first compact digital point-and-shoot camera with a 4/3-inch sensor built-in, for about 103,000 yen on November 13.
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With the growth in demand for a large screen TV including 4K TV, the demand for home theater systems has been increasing. Sony is keeping pace and are going to release 4 new models of their home theater system on May 31. They all support NFC.

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Panasonic announced that they are going to release the world's first compact digital camera with 4K video recording capability - LUMIX DMC-FZ1000 - on July 17.

It will be sold for around 100,000 yen.

LUMIX DMC-FZ1000 is able to record 4K video (3,840×2,160) at up to 30 fps in the MP4 format. There is also a built-in functionality called "4K PHOTO" to capture 8MP images in the 4K video footage. It can also output 1920×1080 60fps full HD resolution video.