Premium Star Wars Housewares Pop-Up at IDC Otsuka (GALLERY)

Get Your Luxury Star Wars On

Like much of the civilized world, Japan is currently on the receiving end a full-blown shock and awe Star Wars marketing campaign leading up to the December 18 release of the The Force Awakens, episode # 7 in the world’s most beloved sci-fi fantasy epic. One of the more effective marketing vectors here in Tokyo are increasingly common pop-up stores, which is basically Company X securing a swatch of empty space in some retail venue and setting up temporary shop to sling their wares.

In this case, it’s the STAR WARS / PREMIUM HOME COLLECTION, a room-themed pop-up filled with high-end, limited edition Star Wars housewares with high-end prices to match. Lots of cool stuff, but fans might struggle to justify purchasing, and that’s well in line with the host of this pop-up, IDC Otsuka in Shinjuku, a retailer that requires a fairly beefy bankroll for anything beyond window shopping.

The first-come first-served collection of wall hangings, tapestries, carpets, throw pillows, dishes, wall art pieces, combination snow globe/speakers and more opened about 5 days ago and will run until the middle of January, 2016. And products are moving quickly: two Darth Vader rugs were already sold out.

Have a look at our gallery below (shot with an iPhone 6s Plus, so cut us some slack), and thanks to Real Estate Japan who hipped us to this news on their way more interesting that you might think Facebook page

Much More J-Star Wars Stuff:

Inline Gallery:

Genuine Ukiyo-e Woodblock Prints - ¥54,000 (~$437)

Combination Snow Globe Speakers

Big-Ass Tie Fighter Pillow

An Array of Floor Rugs from ¥5,000 - ¥30,000 (~$40 - $250)

Very Nicely Made Tapestries


Throw Pillows

Wall Art

The Big Picture

Licking Pikachu at Shibuya Pop-Up Cafe (GALLERY)

More, more, more!

Japanese The Force Awakens Trailer:

Giant Star Wars Snow Sculptures:

Samurized Darth Vader (which is basically circular artistry):

May the Fourth be With You (Japanese style):