USB-Powered Heated Office Gloves (NOVEMBER THANKO ROUND-UP PART 2 OF 3)

USB-Powered Heated Office Gloves (NOVEMBER THANKO ROUND-UP PART 2 OF 3)

THANKO November 2015 Gadgetry!

There’s just too much Thanko gear to keep up with, and we have to keep things measured or we’d totally end up spending too many URLs on the Akihabara-based gadget maker/distributor. It’s a serious challenge, and in fact we’ve already had a few Thanko rodeo/roundups this year, with crazy tech like:

...then there was the August Roundup:

Still, the hits just keep on coming and we cannot ignore the buildup of awesome widgets and HD-this and USB-powered that, so it was time to take another look and get our readers hip once again (Part 1 is here; Part 3 is here).

November Round-Up Part 2: USB-Powered Heated Office Gloves

These right here are pretty straightforward: if you’ve got a USB power source, you can keep your fingers warm. Good for typing, smartphone use, and of particular indication for those with poor circulation in the extremities - for whatever or whenever one can imagine needing warm, non-numbed-by-cold fingers.

This year’s version comes equipped with a timer, a stretchy-contracty one-size-fits-all and easy-on/off construction, and connector plugs near the gloves themselves to minimize cord tangle.

Electrothermal Heated Gloves for Winter Outdoor Activities

While they’ll surely find fans anywhere on the planet (beyond certain latitudes and/or elevations, that is), heated office gloves are particularly welcome here in Japan. Even in large corporate buildings, central heating is at best a 50/50 likelihood, and virtually nonexistent in smaller companies. This is also the norm in most homes - it’s just how they roll over here. As such, convenient hand warmers that plug into one’s desk/laptop or a USB battery pack can go a long way toward comfortable winter office work - or wherever you’d want to use them, really.


Glam Shots:

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