Solar-Powered Motion-Sensing Strobing Screech Alarm (NOVEMBER THANKO ROUND-UP PART 3 OF 3)

Solar-Powered Motion-Sensing Strobing Screech Alarm (NOVEMBER THANKO ROUND-UP PART 3 OF 3)

THANKO November 2015 Gadgetry!

And now we arrive at the final installment of our November Thanko round-up. There’s so much good continually pumped out by the Akihabara-based gadget ninjas that quick round-ups are just kinda become something we have to do in order to keep up with all the crazy tech. Such as these from earlier this year:

...then there was the August Roundup:

And so with this below, our latest round-up is now complete. Read on! (Part 1 is here; Part 2 is here)

November Round-Up Part 3: Solar-Powered Motion-Sensing Strobing Screech Alarm

Solar-powered LED lamps lining dark sidewalks or driveways or simple paths are really one of humanity’s finest inventions. As long as we keep the solar panels clean and avoid kicking the lights or driving over them, etc., they hang on and do their job in relative perpetuity. Well, this new Thanko gadget functions in a similar way, but with a big twist: the motion-activated light is a bright, strobing LED that also includes a variable screech alarm!

Roughly translated, this is a “Pest Control Alarm,” aimed at providing active, responsive alerts in otherwise difficult to secure areas of the home, business, garden, etc. For example, if you have moderately intelligent raccoons or super-bright crows or dim primates digging through your trash, just set this bad boy to 1. Eagle Screech, 2. Dog Bark, or 3. Gun Shot (the three alert sound options), crank the volume up to 10, and sleep well knowing that flashing lights and obnoxious sounds will keep your trash safe and unmolested (if you intend to stay asleep and/or not antagonize neighbors when the alert goes off, that volume feature will be useful). Disabling the sound or light is a simple switch, and you can also set the device to strobe only at night. Naturally, the device is completely weatherproof.

As mentioned, the primary power source is the giant nuclear fireball in the sky, and it also comes complete with rechargeable batteries that’ll last a few days with no sunlight at all. For usage indoors or in covered areas, a DC input is also built-in. It can be mounted on a wall, staked into the ground like the aforementioned LED walkway lights, or just set on a shelf.

Important Note:

Office Pranks - just think of the possibilities...right?


  • Dimensions: 130w x 135h x 85d (mm); Stand is 25d x 325h (mm)
  • Weight: 414g
  • Sensor Capability: Approx. 8-10m; Angle 110 °
  • Includes: Body, splash-proof cover, mounting stake, AA rechargeable batteries x 4, Japanese manual (DC input sold separately)
  • Warranty: 6 months
  • Price: ¥4,980 (~$40)
  • Click through to shop Thanko at Amazon.com!

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