Wearable or Mountable 3-Axis Gimbal for Action Cams (NOVEMBER THANKO ROUND-UP PART 1 OF 3)

Wearable or Mountable 3-Axis Gimbal for Action Cams (NOVEMBER THANKO ROUND-UP PART 1 OF 3)

THANKO November 2015 Gadgetry!

Readers know that we totally dig this company. But, the fact of the matter is that there’s just too much Thanko gear to keep up with, and while we can pour our adulation and praise for almost anything the Akihabara-based company creates and/or distributes, until they become an advertiser (Holla at us, yo!), we have to keep things measured. Which is a challenge.

We’ve already had a few Thanko rodeo/roundups this year, with crazy tech like:

...then there was the August Roundup:

Anyway, it was time to take another look and get our readers hip once again. (Part 2 is here; Part 3 is here)

November Round-Up Part 1: Wearable or Mountable Action Cam Gimbal

No one who’s spent a few hours on YouTube has been spared the visual seizure salad of super-shaky action cam shots - almost by definition, getting action shots is a shaky-can’t-be-helped scenario. Sure, clever editors can tone down the vibrations and herky-jerkiness in post, but why not cut down on that from the jump? ...you know, so to speak (demo video below).

Enter Thanko’s electronically controlled, self-balancing 3-axis gimbal designed specifically for action camming (definitely fits the GoPro/FauxPro boxy form factor best). The device has multiple tripod mount points a number of different configurations, making in wholly compatible with almost any existing action cam accessories - including mono-pods, selfie sticks, etc. It also twists and turns into 4 different stabilization configurations, making it widely flexible in attaching to whatever to shoot whatever.

The gimbal’s built-in battery pack (rechargeable batteries included) provides a good 3-4 hours of stable shooting, but in locked mode it can also serve as a external battery pack for the action cam. A dedicated hard case and range of attachment accessories and cables and such are also included.


  • Dimensions: 95w × 91d × 53.4h (mm)
  • Weight: 188g; 223g with battery pack
  • Camera Compatibility: All GoPros and like devices (camera not included, duh)
  • Battery Life: 3-4 hours
  • Included: Body, charger, 4 rechargeable batteries × 4, output/charging cable, M1.5 hex wrench, 2 T-clamps, adhesive mounts, quick release buckle, several quick-release mount thingys, USB connector, hard case, Japanese manual
  • Price: ¥39,800 (~$323)
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Glam Shots:

Rather Compelling Example Usage Videos: 

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