Star Wars: The Force Awakens (JAPANESE TRAILER)

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (JAPANESE TRAILER)

Use the J-Force!

We ourselves have spent a good number of URLs talking about how much the Japanese dig on Star Wars, and the marketing folks at Disney/Lucasfilm/etc. are no doubt aware that the world’s 3rd-largest economy is going to drop madd bank when the film arrives in December.

Now, we’re aren’t Force-dorky enough to lay out all the new things this trailer brings to table, but if you’ve been watching the teasers and the first kinda-proper trailer from a few weeks back (over and over and over), you’ll definitely see some new stuff here.

Briefly, there’s quite a bit more BB-8 (that’s because cute sells in Japan). We see more of supposed villain Kylo Ren and his rickety light saber (combined with that beat up, patchwork helmet, we’re starting to think this guy’s really into recycling). Two main characters, Rey and Finn, actually introduce themselves here, too (maybe because without that, the Japanese will just see Random Black Guy and Generic White Girl - oh no wait, that’s racist-ish!).

In any case, it is worth the watch. Find the largest screen you’ve got, crank it up to 1080p, and give yourself a good 2-3 viewings.


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