Tokyo Motor Show Gallery #1 (CARS, LADIES, LONG POTATOES)

Tokyo Motor Show Gallery #1 (CARS, LADIES, LONG POTATOES)

DARC Shoots Car Stuff Like a Fiend

Everybody knows that Senior Contributor Nayalan Moodley, AKA DARC(noodles), has a thing for cars, and by "Thing" we mean something much closer to "Disturbingly Consuming Autolust," one that might even supersede his other affliction, Rabid Foamy Camera Nerdlust (though they generally go hand in hand). Observe:

The Rides of Tokyo Auto Salon 

The Ladies of Tokyo Auto Salon 

You’ll really want to check out the Tokyo Auto Salon video below, too. Seriously. And then of course there’s:

DRiFTWiRED: Tochigi Typhoon Vs. True Drift Culture

Mr. Car/Camera Nerd also stops by the world famous Daikoku Parking Lot from time to time; there's clearly a theme, and naturally, he had to be dispatched to one of the largest automotive shows on planet earth, now underway out in beautiful Tokyo Bay.

Behold the Massive and Eclectic Tokyo Motor Show

It's huge. It takes over the entire Tokyo Big Sight Convention Center. It's swarmed by grumpy, jaded, joyless journalists from around the world. Each (every other) year sees just under a 1,000,000 attendees over the course of 10 or so days. Minus the big American brands (weak), this show brings every single major automaker on the planet - plus a very decent-sized cadre of those not so major. The show tends to emphasize concept and design over bean counting and back scratching, making it a media and fan favorite.

So, here are 13 illustrations of why - if you can ignore the throngs of put-upon, douchey journalists who will step on your toes and stand in your way because they just DGAF because they're festering with self-loathing amidst a rapidly creeping realization that in just a few years robots and software will both outperform and out them as the pre-glazed-in-extinction-sauce clownshoes pseudo-creatives they really are - the Tokyo Motor Show is a blast: 

We'll have more from the Tokyo Motor Show, but for now, here's some other Car Stuff You will Like:

From Whence all Drifting Comes:

The Ladies of the 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon have a banging soundtrack:

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