Hiroshima Cat Street View (VIDEO)

Hiroshima Cat Street View (VIDEO)

Now This is Some Innovative Marketing Right Here

Let’s just face facts: while both actually do quite well in this department, places like Hiroshima and Nagasaki Prefectures face particularly thorny issues when promoting tourism and travel. Which is really unfortunate, because both, along with their namesake capital cities, are incredibly beautiful, living monuments to the resiliency of the human spirit and a particularly Japanese ability to face adversity - in these cases, ultimate adversity - and adapt, overcome, and rebuild thriving communities that respect the past yet also move forward in the best ways possible.

With that in mind, we were exceedingly pleased to see last month’s launch of the Hiroshima Cat Street View Onomichi Guide, an innovative and playful promotional venture intended to spur tourism in an already popular destination, the port city of Onomichi.

Cat Street View

The site provides pretty much exactly what you would expect: a 360-degree, navigable estimation of a cat’s point of view (streets, rooftops, views from atop barrier walls, etc.). Your mouse will change from a standard pointer or hand to a much more appropriate cat’s paw, and live-recorded, neighborhood-appropriate sound effects are included

As you stroll around, you’ll encounter a number of fellow felines, and rather than being limited to what Google can capture from 360-degree cameras mounted on top of cars, users get a ground-level look at the more traditional roads and ways of the city - places too small for cars exactly because so many of them came into use centuries before the automobile was invented.

Cat's POV Here

Though it hardly matters for casual viewers, for now the site is presented only in Japanese. Due to the overwhelming response since last month’s launch, however, the Hiroshima Prefecture Tourism Board is considering adding additional languages.

We highly recommend taking a cat-sized stroll around the famously picturesque shopping arcades, backstreets, and alleyways of Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture. It’s fun!

Promo Video Below (actual Cat Street View site is here):

Screen Caps:

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