Beautifully Cloudy Summer Days in Tokyo (4K VIDEO)

Beautifully Cloudy Summer Days in Tokyo (4K VIDEO)

darwinfish105 Finds Another Way to Show us the Beauty of Tokyo:

Those who’ve browsed our varied and lovely video selections probably know that we’ve long been enamored with the work of mysterious Tokyo photographer darwinfish105: we shared his giant robot shots in 2013, featured what we call the Tokyo Pastel Diorama Series (#1 and #2 - both awesome), totally dug his Panasonic GH4 time lapse, he rubberized our brains with the Inception/Blade Runner lovechild known as Mirrored Tokyo, gave Yokohama the romantic glossing it deserves, pulled us along on time-lapsed dolly shots., and paid the pillars of the iconic Tokyo Monorail the perspective props they deserve. Playlisting his work is highly recommended.

New from darwinfish105:
Clouds Over Tokyo (4K Video)

It can't be all sunshine and kittens and happiness everyday here in the big, big city, but that certainly doesn't mean that beauty is hard to find on dreary days. darwinfish105's latest illustrates this perfectly with some wide-perspective, time-lapsed, Ultra-HD 4K eye candy. Here's how he made it happen:

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