TokyoStreetView: Zojo-Ji Temple Part I (4K VIDEO)

TokyoStreetView: Zojo-Ji Temple Part I (4K VIDEO)

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On the tech side of our original video coverage, there's nothing better than the IREX international robotics trade show, or if cars are your thing, the DRiFTWiRED music video shot in the mountains of Tochigi is one of a kind, but we also share more contemplative, day to day slices of Japanese life. In the vein of the latter, we hope you enjoy this beautiful 4K collection (don't forget to dial up the YouTube resolution!).

TokyoStreetView 4K Ultra HD:

Episode 41
Zojo-Ji Temple Part I

What stands out the most at Zojo-Ji Temple is the striking contrast between old and new Japan. While the surrounding neighborhood is dominated by modem buildings and Tokyo Tower, Zojo-Ji feels like it’s in a time bubble where everything moves at a much slower pace.

Located only a few steps away from Tokyo Tower, Zojo-Ji is a Buddhist temple, and is in fact the main temple for the Chinzei branch of Jōdo-shū Buddhism. Built in 1393, it was only in 1598 that the Zoji-temple moved to its current location. To this date, only the Sangedatsumon Gate (main entrance) has succeeded in withstanding fires, earthquakes and wars, while the main building, also known as Daiden, has had to be rebuilt many times over.

The main attraction here is the temple itself, along with the photo opportunity to capture Daiden (the main temple) with Tokyo Tower in the background. Others come to Zojo-Ji Temple to visit the Tokugawa Mausoleum (only open during some special occasions and some public holidays) and its Jizō statues at the Cemetery of Unborn Children (to be covered in-depth in Part II). 

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TokyoStreetView is born of a passion for life in Japan, and the series aims to offer others around the world a chance to enjoy a bias-free experience of its many wonders. Unlike other videos you may find on Japan, TokyoStreetView’s are purely contemplative: our camera(s) are your eyes and our tripod is your chair, just sit with us, relax, and let an amazing world unfold in front of you in a succession of short ~10-second sequences of RAW 4K video.

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