Solar-Powered iPhone 6 Battery Case (AUGUST THANKO RODEO PART 3 OF 3)

Solar-Powered iPhone 6 Battery Case (AUGUST THANKO RODEO PART 3 OF 3)

Because They Just Can’t Stop Delivering the Hits

We’re entirely open about the our dorky lust for all things Thanko. The Akiba-based company pumps out a steady stream of products that often seem frivolous at first, but prove quite practical in real life. 

Sitting around at Thanko headquarters just dreaming up ways to build spy watches and USB bento warmers and combination mobile chargers/hand warmers all day - and then actually creating and marketing the products - that’s living the dream right there. Way better than pounding keyboard! Among the tech-fever dreams of Thanko:

As is so often the case, there's just too much awesome to report, so here's another rapid-fire posting of our current favorite three (Part 1 is here; Part 2 is here).

Part 3: Solar-Powered iPhone 6 Battery Case 

What Thanko has delivered here is much more than your standard rechargeable iPhone battery case. This case offers all the usual benefits of extra juice (in a form factor compliant with Apple standards), but, in addition to plug-in charging, it can also be charged with built-in, fold-out solar panels that deliver a 22.4% peak efficiency rating. The solar panels are capable of fully charging the case in about 5 hours. All you need is access to that giant nuclear fireball in the sky.

Sure, it's not the handsomest case on the market, but for busy people with limited access to an outlet, this could be a lifesaver; a fully charged case will fully charge an iPhone 6 in about two hours - which is pretty impressive given the iPhone 6's already substantial battery life. 

Thanko's releasing the case tomorrow, and for the moment iPhone 6 is the only smartphone getting any case-based solar romance.  


  • Dimensions: Width 78.4 × depth 17.5 × height 159.77 (mm)
  • Model Compatibility: iPhone 6 only
  • Battery: 2500mAh / 9.25W, lithium polymer
  • Solar Conversion Efficiency: 22.4%
  • Weight: 150g
  • Includes: Body, charging cable, earphone adapter, Japanese manual (no iPhone 6, duh)
  • Price: ¥9,800 (~$80)
  • Click through to shop Thanko at!

Glamour Shots:

Thanko News and Crazy Gadgets


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