Countdown for the release of live-action Attack on Titan movie

The first part of the live action Attack on Titan movie will finally be released in 2 days on August 1st!

The second part of the movie will be released on September 19th.

While fans are excited about it, they may be partially concerned if the movie will satisfy their expectations since it was announced that it will not exactly follow the original series - For example, while Germany forms the setting of the original series, the movie is set in Japan after the collapse of its civilization. Also, one of the popular original characters, Levi, will not appear in the movie because the "V" sound is not the easiest thing for Japanese people to pronounce.

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According to the director, Shinji Higuchi, to make the movie "traumatic" he will create psychologically-terrifying titans by incorporating "Tokusatsu" (special effects) and CG, with real human beings playing the titans role. Therefore, we can call the movie a win if it makes you horrified after watching it.

Director Shinji Higuchi is also going to work on the new Godzilla movie with Evangelion's director, Hideaki Anno.

Here is 3:14 minute version of its promotional footage:

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