SoftBank Robotics - Pepper to work as a beauty advisor robot

SoftBank Robotics sent out a press release that its personal robot, Pepper, will start working as a beauty advisor robot in a Loft store in Shibuya (Tokyo) and Yokohama (Kanagawa) on July 25.

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Loft is a Japanese chain store that sells general goods including cosmetics, stationary, home accessories, kitchen tools, and more. A Pepper robot with the dedicated application installed is called Pepper-san ("san" is a suffix which is added to a person's name) and It will answer a customer's questions about UV care cosmetic items, recommend products based on the customer's needs, and explain about products by reading their bar codes.

The special application was developed by Loft with the cooperation of SoftBank Robotics.

Pepper-san will be working from July 25 to August 23.

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