9-megapixel Omnidirectional Camera with Intelligence Features

Panasonic is selling a 9-megapixel omnidirectional camera that triples the resolution compared to conventional 3-megapixel cameras.

Unlike cameras to date, this new camera also offers three Intelligence features.

"One is a people counting feature that counts the number of people, so as people pass by the camera, it counts “1 person, 2 people, 3 people, etc.” The camera draws 12 lines to create sections and counts the number of people passing by within each section. The second is erasing moving bodies. When this camera is installed inside a store, for privacy reasons the camera can be set to erase the images of people moving about and only show items on display inside the store. Thirdly, a heat map feature can display where people have been staying in one place or where they have been passing by the most on a 15-minute or 1-day interval, and it is possible to view the flow of people afterward."

This camera, which went on sale overseas in January 2015 and in Japan in February, offers users greater monitoring ability from clearer and more detailed images when it is installed inside a store or hotel lobby.

"Although Panasonic was late to this market as a manufacturer, since releasing our cameras to the market, we have differentiated ourselves from our competitors through camera performance that delivers clarity to the image edges, according to opinions in the market."

With the addition of an add-on app, three Intelligence features can also be added to the unit. Moving forward, Panasonic plans to make the camera even more appealing by making images clearer and removing any dead spots.