Calbee - "Is this Ootoro flavor?" - flavored Potato Chips

Calbee just released interestingly flavored - and interestingly named - potato chip(s) in a limited quantity.

They named the flavor "これって?大トロ味 (Korette? Ootoro-aji)", which means "Is this Fatty Tuna flavor?" in Japanese.

It's commonly said that it tastes like fatty tuna when you eat avocado, soy sauce, and wasabi together at the same time. These limited edition potato chips reproduce the taste of a mixture of avocado, soy sauce and wasabi, and that is why the flavor has the name.

Grilled Salmon-flavored Candy

I think that avocado's rich and soft texture takes a big role in order to make the mixture taste like fatty tuna. Potato chips will definitely lose the texture. Probably, Calbee should have named the chips Wasabi flavor? Please let us know if you try it by chance!

The price is ¥120 for 60g and ¥150 for 85g package. That's like one U.S. dollar. 



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Yoriko Takahashi - January 20, 2014

Calbee just released DORAEMON potato chips which will be sold for a limited time only until early May.

They are basic salt flavor potato chips that come with 2 DORAEMON illustrated cards in each bag. There are a total of 72 different cards including "Normal cards" with funny DORAEMON, valuable "Color cards with original drawings", and "Famous scene cards" displaying a whole page from the comic book on the card.

If you are a big fan of DORAEMON, happy snacking and good luck collecting all 72 cards!

Potato chips… meet Colonel Sanders!

Calbee and Kentucky Fried Chicken collaborated to make a new type of potato chips that will be out on January 6.

The flavor is Colonel Crispy, which is based on KFC's "Colonel Crispy" boneless crispy fried chicken.  The chips have stronger garlic and soy sauce taste added on. Sounds like a seriously delicious taste!

Photo by Tabelog




Lotteria has released a shrimp burger called "Kappa Ebisen Burger", which is made in collaboration with Calbee's shrimp-flavord "Kappa Ebisen" chips. Based on the special burger, Calbee is going to release "Lotteria's Kappa Ebisen Burger-flavored" Kappa Ebisen chips.