Holding Up the Tokyo Monorail (4K VIDEO)

Holding Up the Tokyo Monorail (4K VIDEO)

And Now, Yet Another Worthy darwinfish105 Video for Our Collection:

Those who’ve browsed our varied and lovely video selections probably know that we’ve long been enamored with the work of mysterious Tokyo photographer darwinfish105: we shared his giant robot shots in 2013, featured what we call the Tokyo Pastel Diorama Series (#1 and #2 - both awesome), totally dug his Panasonic GH4 time lapse, he rubberized our brains with the Inception/Blade Runner lovechild known as Mirrored Tokyo, showed us the beauty of a cloudy Tokyo day (in 4K), gave Yokohama the romantic glossing it deserves, and pulled us along on time-lapsed dolly shots. Playlisting his work is highly recommended.

New darwinfish105 Video:
Tokyo Monorail Piers (in 4K)

If it weren't for the wear and obvious age of the cars and elevated tracks, even now you'd be forgiven for judging the Tokyo Monorail as futuristic and technologically marvelous. However, it's been around a good long time, long enough that just last year - in celebration of the 50th anniversary - the Tokyo Monorail added its first new rolling stock (cars) in 17 years.

SCENE IN TOKYO: The Monorail and Bullet Train Overhead

A big part of the futurey feel comes when you hop on at Haneda Airport or the Hamamatsucho terminus and proceed to fly over Tokyo Bay, snaking your way between skyscrapers, at times literally 5 stories in the air, looking down at commuter trains, the Shinkansen, and regular cars and trucks on ground-level roads. Even if the big, big city is old hat, it's hard not to be moved by that ride.

And what's holding up the 51-year-old anti-anachronism? darwinfish105's latest Tokyo time lapse gives us the close-up view, in 4K Ultra-HD, of the Tokyo Monorail piers:

SCENE IN TOKYO: Tama Monorail High Above Tachikawa

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