Seibu Railway plans to launch a restaurant train next spring

Commuter Food!

Seibu Railways is one of the major private rail companies running in northwest Tokyo and Saitama Prefecture. They announced the development of a tourist train to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the company.

All of the cars of the new tourist train will be dining cars so that passengers will be able to enjoy beautiful rural scenery and delicious food cooked with local ingredients.

Traditional Japanese craftsman will use locally grown wood for the train's interior appointments. When finished, it will be a 4-car train that carries 52 passengers.

Now sure, you can also get food on the Shinkansen, but the Shinkansen is actually going somewhere with serious purpose and lingering over a fine meal is secondary to the purpose of travel.

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The Seibu Railway is far from the first company to aim these special rail services at tourists and retirees. Japan Railways East took the wraps off their Luxury Cruise Train exactly one year ago, and Kyushu's Seven Stars in Kyushu luxury line is so popular that lotteries are being used to distribute tickets, which start at about $4200.00 each.

We're pretty sure dinner on the Seibu-sen will be much more affordable. 

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