Bandai - Online Gachapon service "Net de Capsule"

Bandai unveiled its new "Net de Capsule" service, which allows you to remotely play and buy a Gachapon (capsule toy) online at home.

Net de Capsule is a joint project between Bandai and Netch, a Japanese internet gaming company. The particulars of the deal are still under development.

There are 40 Gachapon machines kept in Netch's storage, and the user is able to remotely control a lever of one of the machines and turn it while watching what's happening in real-time through their smart device screen. No one will look inside of the capsule you get and it will be sent to your address.

Capsule toys, or Gatcha-Gatcha, are the Japanese version of toys acquired from coin-based, hand-cranked dispensers (and they're far and away the best on the planet). The dispensers, knows as Gashpon or Gachapon, require a few ¥100 coins (prices vary depending on the toy) and a turn of the handle. As with non-Japanese versions of this, you don't know which one you will get until you open the capsule - which is the best part of Gashapon machines.

The Net de Capsules will costs around ¥200 to ¥500 including ¥100 shipping fee. If you play it more than 9 times in a row, you will get free shipping. Maybe you'll even get a mini hamster.

I think that Gachapon is more fun and exciting to play it in person. If you have to wait for delivery after buying it online, the excitement of Gachapon kind of disappears. Well, probably there are people out there who are dying to play Gachapon even at home. What do you think?