Fingerprint ID Padlock: Go Ahead and Lose Your Keys!

Fingerprint ID Padlock: Go Ahead and Lose Your Keys!

You and Only You(r Finger) Can Unlock

First, if you’re not hip, this is one of the absolute finest tags AkihabaraNews has to offer: Thanko. Enough Said.

Now, Thanko is famous for a number of reasons, not the least of which is an uncanny ability to shoehorn microphones, HD spy cameras, and USB power into just about anything you can imagine, in the most Japanesey ways possible. As such, a fingerprint-activated padlock might surprise us relatively little, but still delight us very much.

Today’s Thanko: Fingerprint Authentication Padlock

While Japan is a screamingly safe place, there are still some scandalous hooligans out there, and things do get stolen. The average commuter bicycle is pretty safe just sitting on the street unlocked, but most people do use the built-in wheel locks, and that's enough (though very few are ever actually locked to something stationary). For higher-end items, toolboxes, or the doors and gates of a business or residence, however, it makes a bit more sense to be a bit more prudent with the theft deterrence. Until now, that has meant using combination or key padlocks of some sort - both of which function on a fundamentally forgettable opening mechanism.

This is where Thanko’s fingerprint ID padlock comes in: your digit of choice is the key, the pattern of your parts the combination. The fingerprint scanner works just like any slide scanner you’ve seen out in the world (not the same as the iPhone), and you can register up to 10 individual fingerprints on one lock. The padlock runs on two AAA batteries ( 単4 in Japan), and if used 10 times/day, will last about 10 months. The batteries also power audible alerts and an LED that indicates setting confirmations and when the lock is ready to scan.

If for some reason the batteries run out or the lock must be removed in an emergency, etc., there is a physical means of unlocking the device (mini-USB key - see image below). While not 100% waterproof (don’t submerge!), the padlock will work in most weather and snaps shut with a thoughtful magnetic closure.

So, unless you’re going to forget your finger when you go out in the world...

Vital Specs:

  • Dimensions: Standard Padlock Size (see image below)
  • Weight: 471g
  • Power Supply: AAA (単4) Batteries x 3
  • Included: Padlock, USB Key, Mini Screwdriver, Japanese manual
  • Price: ¥14,800 (~$122)
  • Click through to shop Thanko at Amazon.com!

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