Thanko's Bracelet Lightning Cable Does Not Come in Dude Colors

Thanko's Bracelet Lightning Cable Does Not Come in Dude Colors

This is another great idea from Thanko, but...

First, we acknowledge that there is absolutely no reason to remind regular readers about our love of all things Thanko. But for new arrivals, just know that the Akihabara-based company consistently churns out some of the most dorktastically awesome (and useful) J-gadgets known to humankind. For reals - and we owe a respectable chunk of our pageviews to coverage thereof.

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So, to this bracelet thingy we’re talking about today: we have no problem with it as a device - it’s a great idea, but it comes in purple, yellow, baby blue, and hottish pink ONLY. We’re just kinda left longing for some browns, some blacks, a deep red, maybe racing orange, even a white, and maybe like...camouflage, etc.

Comment on the form factor might also be in order, because something other than chubbeh rosary beads would be welcome. But hey, one must remember that one cannot fly into flight - one must pick one’s battles.

Today’s Thanko: Beaded Bracelet Lightning Cable for iPhone

Finding a reasonably satisfying aftermarket charging/syncing cable for iOS devices is challenging at best. Apple’s cables are too long, easily become funkified withe the oils and dirt of life, and they don’t really last that long (and they’re expensive). The endless knockoffs are often charge-only (no data) or are just generally crappy. Etc., etc.

So, until the nerds figure out a reasonable way for us to not need cables for charging stuff, a fashionable bracelet that doubles as a Lightning cable is at least a viable alternative. As long as you can live with tertiary pastel colors, dude. 

Vital Specs:

Glamour Shots:

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