NTT docomo Introduces 2015 Summer Product and Service Lineup

On May 13, NTT docomo held their 2015 summer roll-out (NTTドコモ 2015夏 新サービス・新商品発表会) at Belle Salle Shiodome in Minato Ward, Tokyo.

NTT docomo's President Kato hit the stage at 3 p.m., but we didn't hear anything about new smartphones until after 4 p.m. He had a great deal to say about the Japanese telecom giant's new services, focusing primarily on the launch of a new improved point service called d point and the d point card, along with introducing a partnership with Japanese convenience store giant Lawson. Lawson's president joined him on the stage and they proudly waxed on about the beauty of the d point system.

After that, President Kato kept it brief when introducing the new product models. These included 2 smartphone models, Samsung's Galaxy S6 edge and Galaxy S6, both already available here in Japan. In total, he introduced 8 smartphones, 2 tablets, and 2 feature phones.

The complete event gallery is here.


  • Galaxy S6 edge SC-04G, by Samsung
  • Galaxy S6 SC-05G, by Samsung
  • ARROWS NX F-04G, by Fujitsu
  • AQUOS ZETA SH-03G, by Sharp
  • Disney mobile on docomo DM-01G, by Sharp
  • Xperia Z4 SO-03G, by Sony
  • AQUOS EVER SH-04G, by Sharp
  • Xperia A4 SO-04G, by Sony


  • AQUOS PAD SH-05G, by Sharp
  • Xperia Z4 Tablet SO-05G, by Sony

Feature phones:

  • ARROWS Keitai F-05G, by Fujitsu
  • AQUOS Keitai SH-06G, by Fujitsu

During the product intros, the bulk of the time was spent on Fujitsu's new smartphone ARROWS NX F-04G, the world's first smartphone with a built-in iris recognition system. It's pretty straightforward: in lieu of password or that tired old fingerprint authentication, you can - no surprise here - use your iris. Simply look at the screen - if the iris pattern that the smartphone detects matches what was previously save, the smartphone will be unlocked.

The actors chosen to be the new NTT docomo TV commercial characters (No more Ken Watanabe!), Shinichi Tsutsumi and Mitsuki Takahata, hung out on stage demoing NTT docomo's new linup, and Go Ayano joined them remotely via live video. Actually, even though they were holding the phones throughout, they mostly had non-smartphone-related chitchat about how grateful they were to be chosen as the new spokespeople. But, they made sure to chat about the iris recognition smartphone and give it a comical demonstration.

Editor's Note:
Ken Watanabe, you and your Resting Skeptical Face will always be #1 in our hearts.


NTT docomo spent a lot of time and energy explaining the new d point scheme. Are Japanese major telecommunication companies, including NTT docomo and au (as well as a new robotics business for SoftBank?) shifting efforts away from making lots and lots of smartphone models toward enhancing their services and point programs?

We'll find out at au's product roll-out - coming up next!

NTT docomo Complete Event Gallery:

Complete Event Gallery:

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** Special Notice: NTT docomo has issued a warning that this product is ONLY for use with dogs. **

You are not the only one who can benefit from wearable technology.  Your fluffy best friend can benefit too.

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