High Performance Electroless Nickel Plating Free of Harmful Substances

High Performance Electroless Nickel Plating Free of Harmful Substances

Narration: At the Manufacturing Business Matching Fair, Kuwana exhibited high performance electroless nickel plating that does not include harmful substances in the membrane. The new technology was developed with governmental support.

Interview: With conventional technology, a lead compound is intentionally added in order to stabilize the electroless nickel plating solution, but that lead is also deposited on the membrane. With the increase in environmental awareness on a global scale in recent years, developments focused on nickel plating that doesn’t contain lead or other environmentally harmful substances have been advancing, and we have also developed a solution in-house. As a result, we are able to provide our customers with a guarantee of absolute quality.

Narration: With the newly developed plating technology, properties equivalent to or better than those of conventional plating technology can be obtained. These properties include the covering capability of the membrane, film thickness precision, the coefficient of friction, hardness, and corrosion resistance. Kuwana also established precision masking technology, and is thereby able to provide fine, functional membranes for molds and other applications.

Interview: In addition to producing normal additive-free nickel plating, we’re also expanding into functional plating, which is something that is unique to our company. We’re developing new technology that imparts slippage and hardness by dispersing PTFE microparticles or a ceramic powder such as boron nitride or molybdenum in the membrane.

Narration: Kuwana, whose strength is its ability to develop membranes, is providing the newly developed plating to not only the mold industry but to other fields as well including the automotive, medical care, engineering, and semiconductor fields. By developing functional plated membranes, the company intends to proactively meet the diverse needs of the marketplace.


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